There Is More to Whiskey Than Just Drinking It

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There Is More to Whiskey Than Just Drinking It

I have always loved a good glass of whiskey. However, I did not know how it was made or why one whiskey often tasted so different from another. One day, my brother asked me if I wanted to take a tour of a local whiskey brewery with him. I was amazed at what went into creating whiskey and we learned a lot about the history of whiskey from our tour guide. I was so intrigued by whiskey that I decided to continue learning about it on my own. I look forward to sharing this new knowledge on my blog. I have also learned a lot about other spirits during my research, such as vodka, gin, and bourbon, so look forward to a wide variety of posts about various alcoholic beverages!


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A Liquor Store And A Last Minute Party

If you are going to be throwing a little party at your house, then you may find it a lot easier to throw than you imagined. In fact, for very small home parties, you may find everything that you need right at your local liquor store. This is great if you have found yourself needing to whip that little gathering up at the last minute. Here are some of the things you can turn to at a liquor store to help you throw that party together in an extremely short amount of time.

Liquor – One of the most obvious things that you are going to want to get from the liquor store to get your party ready is the liquor. You can purchase different types of liquor at liquor stores, so you can offer your guests plenty of variety. You can purchase cases of beer, wine, mixed drinks and hard liquor. Along with the liquor, you can also purchase the other beverages that you are going to need in order to offer your guests some fantastic mixed drinks. Also, the liquor store may have more liquor in the back that isn't on display, so you want to ask the clerk for something specific. For example, you may not see a keg or a party ball, but that doesn't mean the store doesn't have these available in the back.

Snacks – You can't have a good party without some good snacks. Luckily, the liquor store will also have plenty of snacks for you to choose from. You can grab up snacks like pretzels, potato chips, dip, corn chips, peanuts, chocolate bars and many other snacks. Grab up a good amount of snacks of different types, so there will be a bit of everything available for you to offer your guests.

Games – You'll be glad to know that you can even take care of the games right at the liquor store. All you are really going to need for a happening party are some dice and a few decks of playing cards and most liquor stores have these things. If you aren't able to find them by looking for yourself, then as the clerk. There are a lot of different games that you can play with just these two things.

Smokes – If you are going to have some smokers at the party, then you may want to grab up a couple of packs of cigarettes to offer your guests. While you are at it, you should go ahead and see if the liquor store also has a few ashtrays. They may not have ashtrays, but you can always make some out of the bottoms of disposable cups filled with some dirt or kitty litter.

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