There Is More to Whiskey Than Just Drinking It

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There Is More to Whiskey Than Just Drinking It

I have always loved a good glass of whiskey. However, I did not know how it was made or why one whiskey often tasted so different from another. One day, my brother asked me if I wanted to take a tour of a local whiskey brewery with him. I was amazed at what went into creating whiskey and we learned a lot about the history of whiskey from our tour guide. I was so intrigued by whiskey that I decided to continue learning about it on my own. I look forward to sharing this new knowledge on my blog. I have also learned a lot about other spirits during my research, such as vodka, gin, and bourbon, so look forward to a wide variety of posts about various alcoholic beverages!


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Use Wine Tasting and a Silent Auction to Raise Funds for Your Cause

Tasting wine and socializing with other wine enthusiasts can make for an enjoyable evening. Imagine this type of scenario paired with a silent auction that features sparkling wines, domestic varieties, and imported specialties. When a tasting session and auction are intertwined, you have a great opportunity to raise funds needed for a worthy cause. Plan how the donation process and ticket sales will be executed so that you have enough supplies to make the night a hit and a financial success.

Use Flyers to Outline the Details

Use flyers to request donations and seek ticket purchases in advance. The event cannot be held if you do not have enough wine for people to taste of if you only have a few bottles to utilize in the auction. Decide upon a target amount, which includes the bottles that will be used during the tasting process and the bottles that will be given away during the auction.

On the flyers, make it clear that you would like the donations to fit into a specific price bracket. Don't expect people to buy exquisite bottles of rare wine that cost a fortune, but avoid the cheaper varieties that are on the opposite side of the spectrum, as well. Request moderately-priced items and state a dropoff point where donations will be collected. In addition, let your target audience know that they do not need to donate wine if they are willing to purchase a ticket for the event.

Make the ticket cost be around the cost of a bottle of wine. The people who provide donations can receive a complimentary ticket to allow them to enter the event and the other people who purchase their tickets outright can be supplied with tickets that are a distinct color, to gain access to the social gathering. Place flyers around town and hand them out to people who you come into contact with. Be prepared to begin accepting donations and cash for tickets.

Hold the Wine Tasting Part First

As you receive wine donations, categorize the bottles. After accumulating plenty of wine for the tasting and auction, decide which bottles are going to be used for each event. Allow your guests to participate in the wine tasting portion first.

Request that each person fills out a comment card so that you are provided with feedback concerning their opinion about the activity. Host the auction next. Use colorful bags to conceal the bottles that are being auctioned off, to prevent your guests from knowing what wine variety they will be presented with. Award the bottles of wine to the people who bid the highest amount of money.

Learn more about your options by contacting services that host donate wine events.